Hudson Valley Pool-It Pools

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Ladders and Stairs

Pool Ladders
Kayak Pools
® In-Pool Ladder
  • 3 polypropylene steps

  • Will never rust

  • Wide steps ensure comfort and balance

  • Easily positioned

  • Supports any weight


Kayak Pool Ladder
Kayak® Stairs Let You Glide Into Your Pool with Ease!

Come on in - the water's fine! And getting in and out of your Kayak® pool couldn't be easier - thanks to Kayak's® new Corner Stairs. Unlike what's required to climb onto a pool ladder, Pool-It stairs allow you to more naturally enter and exit your pool by virtually gliding in and out.

Whether you choose to sit down as you enter your pool, or walk in and out on the extra-large tread area - for easier, safer use - you'll have a very strong foundation beneath you. In fact, no one has matched the powerful strength of Kayak's® Stairs. They've been put through the most rigorous torture tests and have passed with flying colors. It's the industry's maximum level of quality and craftsmanship -consistent with everything Kayak® stands for, and stands behind!

Kayak Pool Stairs
Kayak Pools® Swing-Up Aluminum Safety Ladder

Strong yet lightweight, the outside aluminum ladder swings away easily when not in use – making pool access by children difficult, if not impossible. Also features a locking device to protect your pool when you're away.
Kayak Pool Safety Ladder

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